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Wedding Rings

The choice of wedding rings for your big day is an important decision, as the rings symbolize the love between you and your significant other. It is also something you will be wearing on a daily basis, requiring a design you love and bands of the highest possible quality. The rings ought to be suitable for both festivities and the office. This is why you should carefully consider your choice of rings before making a final decision – this piece of jewelry shall last for a lifetime.


An engagement ring indicates that the one wearing it is engaged to be married. It is a symbol of love and commitment and is often composed with diamonds. In Western countries, the engagement ring is traditionally given by the man and worn by the woman, although in modern times this tradition is slowly changing.

A wedding ring, sometimes called a wedding band, indicates that whomever wears it are married. This ring is also a symbol of love and commitment, but it is something that in Western countries usually are worn by both the man and the woman.


The most commonly asked question about wedding rings seems to be whether it should be worn on the left or the right hand. The correct answer simply is: both are acceptable, depending on cultural norms.

In some countries, for instance in Norway and Germany, it is common to wear the ring on the ring finger of their right hand. This is presumably because the right hand is the one we use to make an agreement or to swear an oath with.

In most countries, however, the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the left hand. In ancient times, the Romans’ belief was that the fourth finger on the left hand had a vein that lead directly to the heart. To place the ring on this finger would therefore be a symbol of love and romance.



It is common to make a customized ring by engraving a small text on the inside. An inscription like this will make the band more personal, as the text can be whatever you wish.

Some choose to engrave the name of their loved one, their own and their spouse’s name or initials, or the date they said their “I do”. Many also inscribe a phrase that has significance to them, for instance “Love Always”, “Never to Part” or “To my Soulmate”. When you purchase a wedding ring from Tesori, we will engrave it free of charge.



There are many types of wedding rings, making it difficult to find the ideal ones in the swarm of compositions and styles available. The ring can be classic and plain, often referred to as a wedding band, or it can be a piece of diamond jewelry – it all depends on your preference and budget. Traditionally, the classic choice was two simple identical rings. In later years, however, it has become more common for the woman’s ring to contain diamonds, whilst the man’s wedding ring is more neutral.

The style of the ring can also vary depending on what material it is made of. Yellow gold is elegant and easy to maintain, whilst white gold greatly compliments diamonds. Rosé gold is also an alternative, as well as other precious metals like platinum.

The alternatives and combinations may seem endless; however, this also gives you the opportunity to find your own perfect fit. Tesori Diamonds provides wedding rings in all the materials mentioned above.



What wedding rings should cost depends on the quality, the design and the composition of the ring. A ring with diamonds naturally has a higher price than a simple band.

At Tesori, the average price for a pair of wedding rings is NOK 15 000. It is not unusual to sell rings for up to NOK 100 000, yet the price range varies, and you will also find rings for a more affordable price.



To protect the wedding ring’s original brightness and brilliance, it is necessary to clean it regularly. How you do this depends on the precious material the ring is composed of.

To clean diamonds, yellow, white and rose gold, you can use a toothbrush, warm water and dishwashing soap. Never use toothpaste, ammonia or chlorine products as this can scratch the gold and make it look lifeless.

If your ring is composed of white gold, it is also plated with rhodium to make the surface look nicer. Eventually, your ring will need to be dipped in rhodium again, something your local jeweler can perform. He can also confirm whether the setting of the ring is still intact.

Please note that Tesori has special equipment for a thorough cleanse if required. We can also refurbish and rhodium plate your ring, which are low-cost, simple procedures making the ring look like new.

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